"This is what the past is for!
Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is
the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see."
— Corrie Ten Boom (The Hiding Place)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


UPDATE July 29, 2013:  Donna's second late husband Joe passed away Feb 1, 2013 due to complications from a gallbladder surgery.  She met Joe who was from Iowa in Christian Mingle, Upper Room prayer room with some other pastors at 5 am exactly one year and one week after the death of her first late husband Bart.  They dated long distance flying back and forth meeting for two years to get to know one another.  They were married only 5 1/2 yrs.  She is grateful to God, friends and family who have been so caring in helping her through this time period.  She is reminded that God never gives us more than we can handle and that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  Their constant Yorkie companion Gidget also passed away on July 28, 2012.  But, Donna now has a pocket Yorkie named Piper who is one year old and full of energy!  At the same time period she also lost her 19 year old granddaughter Trying times in addition to the many losses experienced just before these recent ones.   People call her a Steel Magnolia, but she knows the real strength in her life is the Lord.

Donna Geertz is an ordained minister who lived with her husband Joe and their adorable 4 lb.  pocket Yorkie named Gidget in Florida.  She and her first late husband pioneered and co-pastored Heart To Heart Christian Church near Charleston, SC.  They were very active in marriage counsel and had a marriage made in heaven for almost 35 yrs. ... they were active in ministering to other pastor couples and their home was nicknamed "Jesus's Inn" ... they were very active in prison ministry and leading many retreats, services and conferences.  They also visited nursing homes and hospitals doing monthly services and serving communion and praying for the sick.  They also were involved in local missions, preaching and counseling.  Her husband enjoyed missions trips to Mexico and Haiti.  She has spoken in many church denominations carrying God's word of hope and restoration, and has led and been a sought after speaker at many retreats and conferences.  She is anointed in the area of deliverance, emotional healing and prophecy. 

Joe, was also an ordained minister and a teacher of the word of God.  He wroteseveral books and has did mission work in India, leading pastors conferences, among many other things in the kingdom.  Joe and Donna were artisans ... creating jewelry designs for people and toy breed dogs.  They were also involved in marketplace ministry.   They loved people and were grateful to be used in any way for God.  Donna's passion is counseling and seeing those in the body come to realize their calling in the Lord. 

Her new delight is writing blogs.  She now has 18 ... all having different themes, but with the same desire... that people would come to realize how much God loves them and that they have a purpose in life!


There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than being in the arms of someone you love and trust. Every worry, concern and doubt seems to fade away in that place of surrender and dependence. As we come to Father God for comfort, He restores faith, belief, hope and expectation into our lives. Won’t you come with me to that place, and together we will find what we have been searching for.

Sometimes instead of running to the Lord in time of need, we run away.  I have been guilty of that myself at times, but I have found during the times that I don’t understand what God is doing, when I feel abandoned and alone, when I feel God is not listening or has given me way more than what I can take …even when I am angry at Him for what I perceive as a wrong towards me, even though I know in my heart he is perfect…..  that is when I find I need Him the most. 

I so desire to be real, open and vulnerable with you in this little blog,  and share the experiences I have had ... the ups and downs, the good and the bad ... the victories and defeats.  Sharing brings us closer.  None of us have arrived, we are all on a journey, and we were created by God to help one another.  After going through many trials and tribulations, I have found one thing to be true … God is faithful to help us through, and even when we can’t see it, and even believe the contrary… He does always have our best interest in His heart, He has proven that to me over and over.. and sometimes at the eleventh hour!    

I pray as you explore “The Comforter’s Arms”, that you will see glimmers of hope in the midst of despair, and the promise of new life and joy for all mourning.  May you be soothed and encouraged as you encounter life's obstacles, and I pray for those to surround you with encouragement and prayer in trying times.  Most of all I pray that you will find this to be a safe place to share your feelings, thoughts, questions, or any area you need God’s comfort.

Many blessings fellow traveler,


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